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Solutions for Mac Pro Instructional Video: How to save a Promise Utility Service report
Michael Sarmiento posted this 16 January 2020 - Last edited 06 February 2020

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Atlas S8+ How to Export a System Diagnosis Report from the Atlas S8+
PROMISE Technology Inc. posted this 25 January 2019 - Last edited 25 January 2019


With most Promise products, debug is done by generating a Service Report. In the Atlas S8+, the procedure is slightly different. This KB documents how to collect service logs from the Atlas S8+.

There are two logs that need to be generated, the system diagnosis report, and the event logs. 

System Diagnosis Report:

To collect the system diagnosis report, login to ASM, open the Control Panel and navigate to:

System > Maintenance > Import/Export and click Export under Export system diagnosis report. 


A system diagnosis report will be generated, your browser may save the file automatically to the Downloads folder or ask where to save the file.

Event Logs:

To collect the event logs, login to ASM, open the Control Panel and navigate to

System > Log > System Log and click Download All. 



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