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VTrak E5000 How to save the Service Report in VTrak E5000 Series
Babatunde Akinkuolie posted this 4 weeks ago

In most troubleshooting scenarios, Promise Support will require the Service report to diagnose the problem effectively. This report contains event logs, configuration details, and the status of all hardware components.

You can save the report using two methods:

Option 1: Saving from the Home Page :

  • Log in to the Web Interface of the unit.
  • Click the “Download” icon located at the top right corner of the screen to generate the report.

  • The report will be saved as a compressed zip folder.
  • Unzip the folder to view the generated report.

Note: Generating the report may take a few minutes depending on the size of the array configuration.

Option 2: Saving from the Administration Tab:

1. Log in to the Web Interface of the unit and navigate to the Administration tab.
2. Click on the Import/Export tab.
3. Select the Export option.
4. Choose “Service Report” from the list of export options.
5. Click Submit to save the file.
6. A progress bar will indicate the status of the export request.
7. The Service report will be saved as a compressed zip folder.

Pegasus32 How to save a service report via Promise Utility PRO for Pegasus3/Pegasus32 Series
Alex Chang posted this 04 October 2023 - Last edited 04 October 2023

Prior to calling Promise Technical Support for any Pegasus3 / Pegasus32 Series related issues, please prepare the Service Report first.

Launch Promise Utility Pro first (Switch to Go > Applications > Promise Utility Pro at your mac system)

1].Click the icon (Thunderbolt /USB)

2]. Select the Pegasus3/Pegasus32 as shown


3]. Switch to “Controls” tag

4].Click the lock to make “unlock”


5].Put the password of the user name for this Mac system.

6].Click “OK” button


7]. Click “…”

8]. Click “Device Service report” to save it


9]. Save as file-name as default format “Service Report_MM_DD_Year_Hour_Minute”

10]. Select Where to save the file above (Desktop)

11].Click the Save button.


12]. Its look