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Vess R2000 Series How to save a system Service Report on the Vess R2000 Series
Richard Oettinger posted this 10 January 2017

How to save a system Service Report on the Vess R2000 Series

To Save a system Service Report on a VR2000 series:

  1. Log in to the web-based management GUI.
  2. Click on the Save Service Report link at the top of the management window.
  3. The Vess will generate a system Service Report, and depending on your browser's configuration you may either be prompted to select where to save the file, or the file may be automatically saved to your downloads folder.


This links to a Promise KB article on how to attach files to a web support case:


Vess A2000 Series How to Save a Service Report from the Vess A2000 Series
P B posted this 12 October 2016 - Last edited 14 October 2016

How to Save a Service Report from the A2000 Series

A Service Report is a detailed report covering the configuration and status of all components of the A2000 series. A Tech Support Agent or a Field Applications Engineer will request a Service Report for the purposes of diagnosis and troubleshooting a reported issue.

These instructions can also be found on page 239 of the Vess A-Series NVR Storage Appliance Product Manual Version 1.2

To save a system configuration file:

1. Click on the Subsystem icon (IP address and device name) in Tree View to open the Subsystem Information display.
2. Click the Save button in the Save System Service Report row of the information display.
Information for the report is gathered and compiled. This action takes up to a few minutes, depending on the size of your RAID system.
3. Determine where you want to store the file on the Host PC, then click the Save button in the pop-up menu.
The report saves to your Host PC as a compressed HTML file.
4. Double-click the downloaded file to decompress it.
5. Double-click the report to open it in your default browser.

Once you have the service report file, you can email it or upload it to your support case to the technical support agent that has been assigned to your case.

The Service Report includes the following topics:

• About – Report Utility
• BBM Info – Bad Block Manager
• BGA Summary – Status and settings
• Buzzer Info
• Controller Info
• Disk Array Info
• Disk Array Dump info
• Disk Array Verbose Info
• Enclosure Info
• Error Table Info
• Event Info - NVRAM
• Event Info - Runtime
• LogDrive Info – Basic Logical Drive Information
• LogDrive Dump Info – Diagnostic Information
• Logical Drive Verbose Info – Full logical Drive Information
• Network Info – Virtual Port
• Phydriv Info – Basic Physical Drive Information
• Phydriv Verbose Info – Full physical drive
• SWMGT Info – Software Management
• Service Setting – Email
• Service Setting – Webserver
• Spare Info – Basic Spare Drive Information
• Spare Dump Info – Diagnostic information
• Spare Verbose Info – Full Spare Drive Information
• Statistic Info
• Subsystem Info
• User Info

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